The Red Bicycle

In our museum we are fortunate to have a bicycle donated to us by Alice Gooby Petranek. It belonged to Alice’s mother, Della Rodd Gooby. This bicycle has curved wooden handlebars and wooden tire rims, which date it to the 1890s. It is similar in looks to the Thomas Board Track Racer, but unfortunately has […]

Wooden Water Pipes

In our collection we are fortunate to have two sections of wooden water pipe that ran in from City Springs along the Red Water River, providing water to Belle Fourche beginning in 1907. A hydro-electric plant was built alongside the river in 1926. Why wooden pipes? Wood was inexpensive, readily available, and proven to last […]

The Mayflower Spoons

Just a set of three small, old silver spoons, made sometime before 1620. Bent, tarnished, worn, not much to look at. And yet closer scrutiny reveals designs on each spoon. Long ago, some craftsman took the time to embellish these otherwise ordinary utensils. Each spoon has a different decoration on the back of the bowl, […]