The Tri-State Museum garners a great deal of support from people just like you.  If you are interested in helping our museum and our mission, please contact the museum director at 605-723-1200.

Friends of the Museum Membership

Monies generated through the friends program go into the museum memorial fund.

The cost of an annual membership is:

  • $25/individual
  • $40/family
  • $100/business

Your museum membership helps us provide programming and special events for the community as well as funds special projects, such as lighting and custom built display cases. As a member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free admission to First Saturday Brunches
  • Free admission to the Family Fun Days
  • Discounted admission to Tri-State Performers productions
  • A reminder before all events.
  • 20% discount in our bookstore and gift shop.

For further information, please contact the museum at 1-605-723-1200



Mission of the Tri-State Museum

The mission of the Tri-State Museum is to collect, document, preserve and interpret the historic materials and ideas from the early settlement of the Tri-State area, including the corners of South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming; to tell the stories of the early settlers and preserve them for the next generations of this area, and to share these materials and stories with our visitors.

The Tri-State Museum depends a great deal on support from people just like you. If you are interested in helping our museum fulfill its mission, many options are available. Below are some ways you can help us preserve the important history of this region. Please contact the museum director at 605-723-1200 for more information

Volunteering Your Time

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any museum, public or private. Without volunteers giving of their time, most museums would fail. Tasks performed by volunteers include greeting people at the front desk, providing travel and tourist information to visitors, conducting tours, assisting with mailings and serving on committees for our annual fundraising efforts, including the Autumn Tea and the Summer Foundation Board Picnic.

Donations of Artifacts

The Tri-State Museum has a vast array of artifacts in our collections. These range from historical photographs, genealogical data, guns, antiques, fossils, historical documents, and other items. We encourage residents of the Tri-State area or people who have in their possession artifacts from the Tri-State region to donate items to the collections. If you would like to donate an item, please contact the director at 605-723-1200 or by email:[email protected]. Please be aware that the museum does not provide appraisals on your donations.

Donations of Funds

In order to continue to develop the museum, its programs and our collections, we actively look for creative ways to increase our revenues. If you are interested in making a financial donation to the museum, several possibilities are available:

Memorial Fund

The memorial fund is directly controlled by the City of Belle Fourche and the Museum Board. The fund consists of money collected from our donation box, direct donations from guests, and monies generated through gift shop sales and special programs. These monies are typically used for general museum-related projects.

Tri-State Museum Foundation

The museum works closely with our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation that holds its own events and annual fundraising banquet and auction. Monies donated to the foundation are tax deductible and go toward a capital campaign to raise revenue for a new addition to the museum. Sponsors can buy an eight-person table for the event and receive publicity in return.

Sponsor a Project Program

This program enables donors to specify exactly which exhibit or museum project they would like to sponsor. Often the donor receives credit in the form of a memorial plaque and/or press release. Recent donors have helped purchase new computer equipment, a big screen TV, and track lighting for the museum.

Donations for Special Events

Many concerned individuals or local companies do not necessarily have the time to volunteer on a regular basis or the spare money to donate funds, but still find ways to help. Donations of food or catering for special events help complete our activities. Donations of talent through re-enactors, guest lecturers, programs, etc. help to recreate our history. Donations of supplies and equipment help streamline the curating and housing of collections. Donations of office equipment help us manage those collections. If you think you or your company can help with talent, materials, equipment, or supplies please call us at 605-723-1200.