Current Exhibits

Fabric of Our Lives

Come explore the history of fabric. Find out how someone could wear a shirt made of stinging nettle or a dress made of glass. Children can sew their own pizza slice pillow at our activity table. Exhibit runs through the first week of May.

All. About. Pandas.

How much do you know about pandas? Want to learn more? We have you covered. We will show a film, create panda crafts, draw for a book, and provide refreshments and a take-home activity packet. Join us Sunday, May 16, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. $2 per person or FREE with membership. Reservations suggested; call 605-723-1200.

Apron Strings

What do you know about aprons? Did you know Egyptian Pharaohs wore them as status symbols? Or that fancy organza hostess aprons were worn at cocktail parties to signify who was the hostess? Learn more about aprons from our latest mini exhibit “Apron Strings”. Many aprons from our substantial collection are on display, and we have books to read and a take-home workbook for children.

Murder in the Night: Who Shot Father Belknap–And Why?

Tim Velder presents on the century-old unsolved murder mystery and offers a new theory about who may be involved. The presentation will begin at 10:30 am, right after our wonderful brunch which begins at 10:00 am. The brunch will be in the Visitor Center and there will be seating for 50 only. Reservations are required; please call 605-723-1200. Brunch is $5 per person or FREE with membership.