Current Exhibits

Beauty is as Beauty Does

Learn the history of cosmetics, hair care, and the beauty industry. Opening January 28, it runs through April 20. Exhibit includes photos, storyboards, touchscreen quiz, activity table with books and a workbook. Tri-State Museum, 415 5th Avenue, Belle Fourche. 605-723-1200.

Crafty Cats

 It’s the cat’s pajamas! Our topic for this month is Crafty Cats, and we will learn more about our feline friends as well as make a few crafts. There will be a drawing for a book plus a take-home workbook. Refreshments served. $2 per person or free with membership. Reservations are helpful. February 19th, 2 pm, 415 5th Avenue, Belle Fourche. 605-723-1200.

The Moon

Here’s your chance to learn more about our big, beautiful moon! This new mini exhibit includes storyboards, photos, artifacts and touchscreen quiz. In addition to the exhibit we have books to read and a take-home workbook for children. Come and see! Tri-State Museum, 415 5th Avenue, Belle Fourche. 605-723-1200.

The Dig at Soap Suds Row

Katie Anderson will relate her experiences on the archaeological dig site Soap Suds Row for the Tri-State Museum’s March 4th First Saturday Brunch. This professionally led excavation began in September of 2022 and explored the area used by laundresses for the old cavalry post.

Brunch is at 10 am and is $5 or free with membership; presentation at 10:30 am is free to all. Reservations are required for the brunch or just the presentation; please call 605-723-1200.  Please let us know if you must cancel. Tri-State Museum, 415 5th Avenue, Belle Fourche.

Check out this 360 degree video tour of our community – significant buildings, the downtown and more!  Tour provided by Mary Buchholz and Hunter Anderson.