Family Fun Day

Join us on Sunday, May 20th for our Family Fun Day: Can you hear me now?: Communication and Sound. Find out how phones work and many ways information travels. Watch a film, do the craft, do a scavenger hunt in the museum, and enter to win the book "Sound waves and communication." $2 per person or free with museum membership.
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Green Thumb: Home Gardening

It’s time to get out in the yard and start gardening! This mini-exhibit will inspire you to do just that. Learn the history of gardening and tips on the best veggies and flowers to plant. The exhibit includes storyboards, photos and gardening artifacts as well as a “Gardening for Kids” take-home packet, a touchscreen quiz, and informational handouts. “Green Thumb: Home Gardening” is in place until August 6th.
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Not a Drop to Drink: the History of Prohibition

"How Are You Going To Wet Your Whistle, When the Whole Darn World Goes Dry?"
-song lyric from Prohibition days

Learn just what did happen when “the whole darn world went dry” with a visit to our Not a Drop to Drink: the History of Prohibition exhibit, opening January 27 and in place until June 2. Photos, storyboards, artifacts and a touchscreen quiz about Prohibition and the Roaring Twenties in the U.S. and in South Dakota. It’s the bee’s knees!
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First Saturday Brunch

Saturday, June 2nd, Gene Hess presents on beginning birding. Do you want to take up this fascinating hobby? We'll inspire you to start bird watching! Brunch at 10 a.m. is $5 or free with membership. Presentation at 10:30 is free to all. More Info...

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