Tri-State Museum, Belle Fourche, SD

Three States, One History, Countless Stories

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Tri-State Museum, Belle Fourche, SD

For further information about this and upcoming events
at the Tri-State Museum and Visitor Center
please contact Director Kristi Thielen at 605-723-1200.


May Brunch is “Summer Picnic Surprise: St Onge History
Saturday, May 2nd

The Tri-State Museum and Visitor Center will hold its May First Saturday Brunch on Saturday, May 2. The speakers will be Jeannine Guerin and Joanna Jones, who will  describe their experience of attending a St. Onge picnic, where they asked former residents for their memories of that community.

Brunch is served at 10 a.m. and is free to museum members and $5 for non-members. The program begins at 10:30 a.m. and is free to all. For further information about this and upcoming First Saturday Brunches, please contact Kristi Thielen at 723-1200.

May Family Fun Day is "How Does Your Garden Grow?"

Sunday, May 17th

The day will include a presentation about container gardening as a family project, and a craft project to make popsicle stick garden markers. There will be a drawing for the children's book, "Green Thumbs" and each student will receive a free take-home packet of puzzles, info and games about gardening. Each child will also receive a small bedding plant, courtesy of Homestead Nursery of Belle Fourche.

Cost for attending the Family Fun Day is $2 per person or is free for those with museum membership. Reservations are strongly suggested and can be made by calling 723-1200.

“Here’s Your Hat!” mini-exhibit opens April 15th

A mini-exhibit on the history of hats and featuring hats and hatboxes from the Tri-State Museum archives opens at the Center of the Nation Visitor Center on Wednesday, April 15.

“Here’s Your Hat!” covers the history of hats and the rise of millinery; the creation of men’s hats such as the homburg, fedora and bowler; and the creation of women’s hats such as the bonnet, picture hat and pillbox. The story behind the creation of the Cattleman’s hat – what most of us know as the “cowboy” hat – is prominently featured.  

Among the exhibit photos is that of Belle Fourche milliner Sarah A. Brown, circa 1890, to accompany the story of how she created hats for both ladies and ladies of the evening.

The exhibit was conceived by Tri-State Museum Collections Manager Jean Maher and she is the exhibit’s curator, as well. The exhibit storyboards were written by Tri-State Museum and Visitor Center Director Kristi Thielen.

The exhibit will be in place through the end of May.

Children’s dress-up trunk for interactive play

The Tri-State Museum and Visitor Center now offers a trunk of period-style clothing for child visitors to try on. The trunk includes prairie dresses, skirts and blouses for girls; vests, shirts and knickers for boys. There are also several hats.  Items in the trunk will be changed every few months to provide variety.

The dress-up trunk is being added as a way to provide more hands-on experiences for young visitors to the Tri-State Museum.

The public is invited to stop in at the museum on Friday to see the display; the museum’s hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

415 5th Avenue
Call for more info 723-1200


The Tri-State Museum is a 4,000 square foot, city-owned and operated, historical museum based out of beautiful Belle Fourche, South Dakota. The museum is located on US-85 in the Northern Black Hills. We are a short drive to major attractions such as Deadwood, Rapid City, Spearfish Canyon, Rocky Point State Park/Orman Dam, Devils Tower, and Mt. Rushmore.

Our museum focuses on the early pioneer, rodeo, and old west history of the Tri-State region of Western South Dakota, Eastern Wyoming and Southeast Montana. The museum houses over 5,000 artifacts, rodeo memorabilia, historical records, antiques, collectibles, fossils, and other items. These include the original 1876 Johnny Spaulding Cabin, artifacts from the early cattle days, artifacts from the Belle Fourche Roundup Rodeo (largest rodeo in South Dakota), and much, much more.

We work closely with the South Dakota State Historical Society, The Adam's Museum and other local organizations such as The Butte County Historical Society, Questers, Lions Club, Golden Hills Antique Club, Northern Hills Retired Teachers, and others.

The museum is very active in the region, helping to promote and host many local activities, educational programs and special events.



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